Donate Furniture

Thank you for donating your furniture to Enfys. We will consider taking any items that are in good condition, but please be aware the we cannot take ever item that we are offered due to space constraints.

Please note that any sofas, chairs or beds must have fire compliance labels as legislation prohibits us from taking items without them. To find out more information about fire compliance labels take a look at our blog post ‘Furniture and Fire Safety Labels’.

If you can fill in the form below with your information and details of the furniture items you wish to donate, we will get back to you as quickly as possible to arrange the collection of your item. If you’d prefer to telephone, please call 01639 697180.

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Donate Money

If you wish to donate money to Enfys, simply click the Donate button below.  If you prefer to donate by cheque or bank transfer, please contact us on 01639 697180.