Furniture and Fire Safety Labels

Furniture and Fire Safety Labels

Furniture and Fire Safety Labels

Legislation that dictates what items are suitable to be sold

Enfys Foundation is extremely grateful for all the kind donations it receives of second hand furniture and appliances, as it allows the charity to support people in the local community who are in need.

Regulations controlling the sales of any kind of furniture, whether it is brand new or second hand, legislate that all upholstered furniture must have a fire-safety label attached, stating compliance with the regulations.

The regulations are designed to ensure that upholstery components and composites used for furniture supplied in the UK meet specified ignition resistance levels and are suitable labelled.

What types of furniture are covered?

  • Any kind of upholstered furniture, including settees and sofas, chairs, ottomans, padded stools, sofa beds, futons, and even bean bags and floor cushions.
  • Garden and outdoor furniture is also included, especially if it is multi functional and can be used indoors, such as padded cane furniture that is often found in conservatories, or outdoor seating with padded cushions.
  • For bedroom furniture, the regulations apply to divans, mattresses, bed bases, mattress toppers and pillows. 

What types of furniture aren’t covered?

  • Loose covers for pillows, cushions and seat pads will have a label with ‘caution’, rather than the specific fire safety label
  • Bedclothes, duvets, sleeping bags, mattress protector covers, pillow cases, curtains and carpets are also not affected by these regulations.

How can I make sure that my furniture meets the regulations?

To ensure that the furniture you would like to donate complies with regulations, you should check each item has a “fire safety label” attached.

Each item of furniture should have a liable attached, stating compliance with the regulations.

Look for statements that advise the following:

  • Foams and fillings pass the test
  • Upholstery (covers and fillings) are cigarette resistant
  • Covers are match resistant

It is vital to ensure that the furniture that is received in the form of a donation adheres to fire safety regulations. Legislation is in place so it is against the law to supply upholstered furniture without this labelling, however above all it is crucial to ensure the safety of consumers, a responsibility which Enfys Foundation takes very seriously. 


If you have any queries regarding fire safety labelling to get in touch for more information, and take a look at the rest of the Enfys website and Facebook page for more information on its services and products.


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